Welcome to Global Enterprises

Global was established in 1984, and since the beginning, the firm has established a clear goal, Customer Service, Teamwork, Integrity and Hard Work which do in fact pay off in the long run. The company regards the sales of any product as a long term business relationship, keeping value for money and to fulfilling its fundamental commitment to customers, obey the law and be guided by fairness in all business dealings. Global as a business enterprise, has actively pursued its business interests, through the exercise of fair and legal competition which has committed our growth, while always striving to enrich the customers within which it operates.

Today, we are the company who care for today to plan a better tomorrow and start and end in zero hours to support our customers. Global's policy for quality, timely service and competitive price has made us one of the successful companies in UAE, which is recognized by all its valuable clients. "Thanks" to all our clients who have supported us through the years.


“GLOBAL" has a very well trained and customer oriented team ready to fulfil the need of our dear clients. The open and competitive market coupled with the remarkable boom witnessed at all levels in the “UNITED ARAB EMIRATES" has given the customers the best available products and the technologies at minimum cost.

Realizing this trend, the company at all levels has been very actively reaching out and establishing a professional relationship with reputable international manufacturers to provide the best and innovative products of latest technologies to one of the largest “OIL AND GAS PRODUCING COUNTRY IN THE GULF REGION".


The company has diversified activities, which include Industrial Consumer Products, Electro-Mechanical supplies and precision engineering fabrication. In order to achieve the fruitful result in all its activities, the company has always acquired the professionalism in the system and service with our qualified staff to carry out the activities, which are customer oriented personnel.

  • Marketing of Engineering Electro-Mechanical Products & System.
  • Providing Quality, After-sales product support.

The company also posses the state-of-the-art, communication, telecommunication and computerized sales management to provide and update service to the clients.

A number of individual leading brands have been united under the Global umbrella. Our key principals originate from European Countries, Japan and the United States of America, all pioneers in their own field, who are extremely flexible and fully geared up to cater the middle east stringent requirements at extremely competitive prices.