Drum Handling and Lifting Equipment

The need to transport or extract solids, liquids or gases is an everyday challenge for many companies in almost any industry.

There are often many specific guidelines and requirements, which decide whether a solution is suitable or not: which material meets the specific requirements? Are there legal directives or other guidelines, which must be adhered to? (e.g. food industry standards or ATEX conformity acc. to 94/9/EG). Such a wide range of demands require tailor-made solutions.

Diameter, minimum bending radius, pressure load, temperature resistance, conformity requirements – these are just a few of the factors, which determine the choice of hoses. Our answer to each of these requirements is customer-specific hose designs.

Here you can find out more about our products and system solutions made from polyurethane and other high-tech plastics and fabrics. See for yourself how our products can offer you the right solution for transporting and extracting the widest range of different media possible. Each of our products have their own strengths and special features – come and see which is best for you.